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Mojigao in-house restaurant is known for its rich variety of breakfast & brunch options, we serve fresh and contemporary food from the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines together with a special dinner menu curated by our chef with a selection of fusion tapas and seafood & cocktails.

The menu of Mojigao keeps evolving, we love to do frequent collaborations with a variety of chefs and sous chefs from around the world.


Artjuna Restaurant

Artjuna Restaurant is open for all day breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day, all year round. Our Mediterranean & Middle Eastern specialities include Hummus, Falafel, Falafel burger, Shakshuka and Middle Eastern Thali.


We pride ourselves on the rich selection of freshly squeezed fruit & vegetable juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls. In Artjuna every juice is made the moment you order it. Loaded with vitamins and minerals to boost your immunity, energy & brainpower.


Artjuna has its own French style bakery in which a variety of mouthwatering Cakes, Breads, Cookies and Quiches are made on a daily basis. Be sure to check our wide selection of croissants and patisserie fresh from the oven.

Fusion Tapas

Indulge on the delicacies  of the Mediterranean fusion cuisine at Mojigao.

Tapas are small, yummy, savoury dishes to be shared with the loved ones and friends.

Join us every afternoon for exceptional food, Sangria, cocktails and vibrant live music!


Artisanal Cocktails

Treat yourself to one of our special cocktails: Jaffa Nights, Sara & Suzie, Jamun Ji, Tango Basil and many more...


All made with freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices!


Served daily from 1PM onwards.

Ask our bartender about the Mojigao Cocktail specials.  

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